• 29 Oct 2007 /  Rants

    So, the subject line of this one is only semi-sarcastic. Yes I am capable of that, I’m even capable of not being sarcastic at all, it just doesn’t happen much.

    Hybrid cars have a lot of whiz-bang neato-ness that certainly appeals to my inner geek. Every time we go to lunch in one of the many Priuses (Priusii, Priiii?) that are reproducing in the parking lot (yes, I’m completely convinced that if you leave 2 of them parked next to each other for more than 6 hours, they spawn another one) we all like to look at the cool display that shows where the motive force of the vehicle is coming from, or how much gas we are not using, or how many baby seals we have saved on this trip.

    However, many of you (ok, several….well, that guy over there) have heard me voice disappointment in the fuel consumption that they have produced in the real world. When word of hybrids came out a while ago, I was hoping to see MPG figures in the 70s, but it looks like they are pretty firmly set in the 40s. Of course, that’s great and all, using less gas is a Good Thing ™ and there are some aspects of it that you can’t put a price on.

    That fact in mind, here’s what the price is: Cars.com study on overall costs. Of course, this study may be completely bogus and flawed, but the gist is that it costs several thousand dollars more over the lifetime (defined as 8 years at 15k miles per and $3 per gallon) of the vehicle to own a hybrid.

    If you’re perfectly happy paying that premium to know that you’re using less fuel, or for any reason, that’s great. As that fish with the newspapers says in a a Spongebob toon “Take it, friends. Arm yourselves with knowledge.” Yes, I’ve accepted the fact that everything in life can somehow be related to Spongebob.


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