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    Well, I’ve been meaning to write this AAR up, but one of the other participants beat me to it. He did a fine job, even including a couple of pictures of me, so I’ll just refer to his post:

    AAR~ MDTS CP 3&4 New Paltz Rod & Gun Club – Oct 16, 2010 – AR15.COM

    Excellent course that really pushed some new skills, I enjoyed learning the weapon retention techniques, and the one handed manipulation block was eye opening. I learned that a closed front cover garment makes it very difficult to do anything with only the support hand. The charging target block really introduced some stress, showing how skills degrade.

    I’ll echo the endorsement of Chris Fry and MDTS. His courses consistently deliver well thought out material that is constantly evolving and well tailored for the armed citizen. Thanks also to Joel for helping run a safe range, except for the part when he yelled at me for automatically doing a reload when my gun went dry during the qual. Sorry Joel, I’ve been indoctrinated by Chris (and others) already. Looking forward to hosting Chris in New Paltz again.


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