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    I recently came across (through a spam email actually) the Safety Bullet. Short version (you can watch the videos there for the longer version), it’s a device that chambers in your firearm just like a live round. If the trigger is pulled while the Safety Bullet is in place, the gun is locked up. Yes, the gun is completely disabled until you obtain the tool to reset it. Admittedly the tool is simply a plastic rod, but in my opinion this is a terrible idea.

    The recommended usage is to load 1 Safety Bullet in the chamber and 1 in the top of the magazine with live rounds below that. If you actually need to use your firearm, you then rack the slide twice to get a live round in the chamber. If you forget to do that and attempt to fire, you have a gun that will not function and you will likely die.

    Revolvers are even worse, you load a Safety Bullet in the next chamber to be fired. To use the firearm you have to manually rotate the cylinder one notch before firing. This is a rather delicate task, and if you lose count and attempt to fire 6 rounds instead of 5 (or 5 instead of 4, or 8 instead of 7, hmm how many rounds does this revolver hold again?), guess what? Gun locks up!

    So, under the stress of an attacker beating down your door, or coming up your stairs or beating a loved one with a pipe, you will have to remember this procedure or render your defensive firearm inoperable. It’s well understood that under this kind of life or death stress, lots of things go out the window. Fine motor skill and complex reasoning (uhhh … like math) being the big ones. I will say it again, this is downright dangerous if used in a home defense firearm. Using it in a stored firearm would not have these issues, so I’m ok with it in that application, but that’s not how it is being marketed.

    I’m all for safety and protecting our dear children, but this is just not an acceptable solution to me. If you’re concerned about your stored firearms, lock them up, even disassemble them if you like. If you have a home defense firearm please look into other solutions that don’t potentially disable the gun for the rest of your life. There are many quick access safes and locking devices out there that are much better solutions than this.


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  • Claire Says:

    Ok, well I guess you have not actually tried Safety Bullet because if you did you would know that it doesn’t disable you gun for “the rest of your life”
    that part was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Simply take the ejector rod and place it in the barrel, this will not hurt your gun, and push it against any hard surface and it pops right out. It can also be recharged for life. You never need to buy another one again ever. Do your home work

  • Mike Worley Says:

    Got to love these guys. In other words a cable lock or trigger lock is better? Nothing is faster or easier than the Safety Bullet thats why

    Gun Magazine sd it was the best safety device they had ever seen

    American Cop sd this is the only device they would use

    Bill Roberts NRA Editor Shooting Times sd this is so far advanced over any other safety device that nothing is faster or easier. It will be years before anyone builds anything close to the genius of this device

    I would like Mike and I to go to a range. $1000 says I can get my gun ready to fire faster than he can using any safety device he can come up with. Just to be fair I will fire the Safety Bullet lock up my gun unlock it and put 15 rounds on target before he can get one round ready to go.

    Name the time and place this is the fastest and easiest firearm safety device on the planet. Put your money where your mouth is.

    Mike Worley
    Inventor of the Safety Bullet

  • Mike Says:

    Claire, perhaps I was a bit too clever in my post.

    In a “real situation”, the trigger is not going to be pulled unless there is an immediate and deadly threat on my own or a loved one’s life. My state laws make it clear that I shouldn’t be using my firearm defensively in any other circumstance.

    With that in mind, if, under great stress, I forget to perform the procedure your device requires to make the firearm operable, that first pull of the trigger will render it inoperable. Even in an ideal situation, reset rod in my pocket, I doubt there will be time to clear your device before the attacker is upon me. Hence my use of “rest of your life”. Perhaps I should have said “rest of your short life” to make it more clear.

    Remember, your device provides no indication that the firearm is in a non-usable state. Loaded chamber indicators and strikers or hammers will show that it is ready to go. Even a press check will show brass in the chamber. It’s not until a shot is attempted that things go awry.

    I believe I completely understand how the device works, I’ve watched all your videos and read up on it. It’s pretty obvious that I don’t own it, but the operation is quite simple and understandable from the very descriptive information your site provides.

    I maintain that it has no place in a defensive firearm. As I stated in my original post, I don’t have an issue with it for stored firearms.

  • Mike Says:

    Mr. Worley,

    I specifically recommended a “quick access” safe or device, not something like a cable or trigger lock. I will admit that if used properly, your device will be very quick. I will even concede that your device is ingenious in it’s design. It’s just that the design doesn’t take the affects of life or death stress into account.

    I won’t restate everything I said in response to your daughter Claire’s comment, but I will highlight the point about not knowing that you don’t have a usable firearm until it’s too late. Yes, your device will be very quick if you have remembered, and were able to properly perform, the procedure prior to engaging the threat. If you haven’t done so, you will find out when you can least afford to, when you are attempting to put rounds on target. As clumsy as a cable lock is, you know that the firearm isn’t ready as soon as you pick it up. A biometric safe is much less clumsy and provides a similar benefit.

    I’d be happy to meet with you to evaluate your device. I’d have to limit it to 11 rounds since New York State has that limit for my handgun, though anything beyond the first round doesn’t matter in this comparison. I feel no need and feel it would be irresponsible to my family to “put my money where my mouth is” but I’d write about the results here. If you’d rather send me some 9mm and .38spl safety rounds I’d gladly do some timings on my own and report here as well.

    Every safety device is a compromise, and we all get to pick what compromises we make. I still feel that yours has too many issues to recommend it for a defensive firearm.

  • Claire Worley Says:

    Yes Sir,
    I’m sure you would like us to send you fee SafetyBullets. We just don’t do that. Tha ATF tested SafdetyBullet and found it worked as promised. We dont need approval from you. I state iof your not smart enough to rack the slide you dont need a gun.

  • Mike Says:

    Well, Claire, what I’m talking about has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with stress and reaction in a less than ideal situation. Waking up a 2am while your door is being battered down, for example.
    I’ve never disputed the fact that your product works. I’m quite sure it functions perfectly as designed. I’m also not looking for free product from you. If you want me to evaluate and write about it here, I’d be happy to do so and then return them to you. If not, that’s fine too. As you say, you don’t need my approval.

  • Shocked Says:

    This is the worst idea ever.

    If the kid decides to pull the trigger, then it works.

    If the kid watches any TV they know how to rack the slide….chances are good they’ll do that first anyway.

    This will sell great.. to people too lazy to properly store their guns.

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