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    I was recently riding through Rosendale on a pretty hot day. If you’re not familiar with Rosendale, they have these large caves there and they open up right near the road. They spill out large amounts of very cool air, even on the hottest of days. When you go through in the car, you get a little blast of cold on your arm if you happen to have the windows open. On a really hot day, you don’t even get that since you’ve got the AC on and the car buttoned up tight.

    Riding through here on the bike, where buttoning up isn’t really an option, you get the full effect. It was literally like riding through a waterfall. A quick second of the icy blast and then it’s back into the heat. Immensely refreshing.

    Just something about being IN the environment and getting (nearly) the full affect of whatever’s out there. If it’s hot, you’re hot and you have to deal with it. Maybe it’s a bit of a return to simpler times when we weren’t so insulated from everything. I’m sure when it gets to be 20 degrees out, I won’t be so appreciative.


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