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    Did you ever arrive somewhere in your car, and not really remember driving there? I’m sure you have, I know I have. It’s not that you were unsafe or distracted or anything, it’s just not that memorable.

    That’s another reasons why I ride, riding demands your attention. There is so much more to do than when driving a car. There’s something for each limb to worry about on a regular basis. Left hand has the clutch, lights, signals, horn, and steering; right hand has the throttle, front brake, ignition, and also steering; left foot manages the shifter; right foot has the rear brake; and the body as a whole has to deal with balance and leaning, cause these things tend to fall over if you don’t do that.

    You have to pay attention and think about what your doing at all times. It’s not this furious rush, but just a continuous level of awareness that is higher than when driving. You never get somewhere and think “hmm, how did I get here”. Instead you think things like “hmm, I could have done that turn 2 miles back a little smoother.”


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