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    I often wonder if scientists and engineers read enough Sci-fi. It seems to me that we seem to be so dazzled by technology that we are setting ourselves up to be dominated. And I think it’s going to be soon. I also think I have a good idea what it will look like.

    For example, take this nice little video:

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    Ok, robots dancing, cute. Several robots in a synchronized dance number, hmmmm, still cute, but a little scary, so now they’re working together. Um, ok.

    Now we move on to this one, which is what happens when you mix technology and beer:

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    Ok, so I know I’m not the only one that sees the obvious potential for destruction there. Notice the guys head is about an inch off the concrete several times. Still, it must be fun, and what’s the harm in that?

    And in this video, we see that the same idea as above has started to show up in amusement parks.

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    This is the final preparation phase of the robot’s plan. Watch that video again, only this time imagine them smashing the poor occupants into the ground or tossing them into the air. Basically the same video, but with more blood and screaming. Well, more blood anyway. Also notice that there are several of these death machines lined up like, …. um …. maybe soldiers. I’m sure that they don’t have legs under the ground.

    And if you’re wondering what this all might look like, just watch “Terminator” again, or maybe this Chemical Brothers video will be enough of a reminder:

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    Lastly I’ll leave you with a little snippet I wrote in our forum in response to the first video:

    “I bow before the Robot Overlords” he says while bowing deeply in front of the orderly row of metallic soldiers surrounding the leader.

    “I swear loyalty to you and offer my life and body up to your service, use me as you will.

    He bows even deeper, extending his hands to the floor, knuckles first, a highly subservient position. The precise alignment of his joints triggers the mechanism contained within his tunic to release 2 high density Triarum grenades into his hands. The rings fall directly over his thumbs, which he instantly extend outward to release the pins. He stands.

    Miles away a woman and a boy stand on the pad, a Ferrocopter idling quietly behind them. They hear 2 sharp explosions. A single tear rolls down the woman’s cheek. She puts her hand on the boys shoulder and they turn and walk slowly towards the copter. “Let’s get started” she says to the pilot as they board.

    Whether this is fiction or prophecy remains to be seen. I’ll be down in the basement loading magazines.


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