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    Yesterday Erica is running a bit late to pick up Declan at my parent’s house, so I decide that I should ride over there and take him off their hands in case they have some plans. So, I hop on and start the bike up, it seems to crank a little slowly, but it fires up quickly and I just figure it’s been sitting a couple of days. (We’re about to see some evidence of how often I am completely wrong.)
    I get almost all the over to the folks and the bike starts sputtering, I reach down and flick the reserve, even though the odometer doesn’t indicate I should be out for another 100 miles or so (no fuel gauge on this bike). No help from that and just as I’m cresting the hill it dies. Lights are dim and it won’t crank at all, indicating a flat battery. I try and pop start it, but it just sputters for a second and dies again.
    Fortunately for me, it’s downhill all the way to the parent’s house, so I just coast down there. I put the charger on the battery and it’s really sucking the juice, so the battery is indeed dead. After charging for a while it starts up fine, but a meter on the battery indicates that it isn’t getting a charge. Uh Oh, Sad Beemer (
    Anyway tracked it down to the voltage regulator and will have to find a replacement part.


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