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    Got my new mesh jacket yesterday, First Gear Mesh Tex II. I wore it today and this thing breathes really well if you are moving at all. I actually got a bit chilly this morning on the way in. It has a “waterproof” liner that should help if the mornings get too cold, but I didn’t need it this morning. The liner material itself may be waterproof, but it’s coverage is somewhat limited and there’s a big cutout so you can access the pockets, so I doubt it would actually keep you dry, but it should help keep out the wind.

    However, I think it does compromise somewhat on the protection. The armor is pretty thin, and the material is, naturally, not as heavy as my other gear. I may upgrade the armor at some point. I think this is just the compromise you have to strike to get comfortable in the hotter weather. Someday I may have to pony up for the Motoport Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket but at $430 it’s a tough sell.

    Unfortunately, the pants are still on backorder, and yes, the Tonker website still says that they are in stock. ;(


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